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Custom Mobile App Development

Get it built faster. On both platforms.

Olio excels in the rapid development of custom mobile applications. Our bi-platform native development approach helps us deliver projects faster and more feature complete on both Android and iOS while maintaining app performance and feature capabilities.

Olio is a regional leader in the development of complex mobile applications. Our London, Ontario production office handles everything from planning, design, coding and launch.

Already have a dev team? We can help.

For established organizations, we can complement your own in-house team by fulfilling a specific role around front-end, UX, or back-end in mobile. We work well with others and have interfaced with existing teams to kickstart mobile versions of long-established web products and services.


Our in-house design team can create beautiful interfaces to support major app functions.

Android + iOS

Deliver on both platforms at once, with native code and high performance.


We can help you get your app into the App store, navigate the review process, and support it after launch.

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Our Process
Initial Project Kickoff
A kickoff meeting to review project goals and direction.
Olio designers produce and present line drawings for concept review.
Technical Plan
A technical plan is established outlining the details of interactions and systems.
Design Concepts
High fidelity concepts are developed to establish look+feel dynamics.
Approved concepts are linked together for primary flows to establish application UX.
The application is roughed-in and the design is sliced overtop.
Back-end routes
An API server is established and core routes are documented and roughed.
Interface functions are connected to remote APIs and back-end functions.
Testing and Review
Internal Testing
The project is tested internally against the project specifications.
Initial Client Review
The project is reviewed by client stakeholders.
Launch + Support
The project is submitted for review by Apple / Google.
Olio maintains a support relationship for new features and bug fixes.

Need a sense of time, effort, and cost?

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