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Year: 2018
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The Need

Random Acts of Green is a social enterprise whose mission is simple, yet ambitious: to educate, entertain, engage, and empower the public to participate in more sustainable behaviour, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and combat climate change.

RAOG is a behavioural change agency that has built an innovative social brand community dedicated to encouraging and motivating people to choose #greener behaviours, by providing products, services and specific tools to help both individuals and organizations participate in “Random Acts of Green”.

Echoing the engagement on its successful social media campaigns, RAOG needed a platform of its own to deliver research-driven positive change through promotion of green acts that reduced carbon emissions.

random acts of green app dashboard
random acts of green app screenshots

The Solution

The result is 'Random Acts of Green', a mobile application allowing users to log green acts and earn carbon-reduction rewards via 'green points'. Points are awarded by the system for each green act completed. Users can then redeem green acts for goodies through the web.

Olio developed and delivered a hybrid Android/iOS mobile app, a database + logic system for recording and rewarding green acts, an administration console to monitor user behaviour and report on carbon reduction, and an web based e-commerce store for users to redeem their 'green points' for goods with participating sponsors. We continue to work on new versions of the app, which features a custom design, and a fresh codebase using React Native.

How We Got There

Olio participated early-on with RAOG to establish audience expectations in focus groups and with RAOG's sustainability consultants ICLEI to quantify carbon emissions data into a solid list of targeted green acts. Quantifying acts into 'measurable' within the confines of a smartphone workflow proved challenging but achievable. We then carried forward this data into high-fidelity interface mockups (prototyping), user flows, and a technical brief.

Random Acts of Green Focus Group
Random Acts of Green Focus Group
Random Acts of Green Focus Group

RAOG's new app allows users in Ontario and beyond to record green activity through many features including tracking trips using built-in background GPS capabilities, automatically record recurring events, redeem points for sponsored goods, send giftable items, and share activities with friends through an embedded friends system to name a few. For RAOG administration, the new system allows them to monitor site activity, produce real-time carbon reduction reports, and update app content through a series of custom content management tools.


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