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4 Site Retail

The Need

4Site Retail Services has clients all across Canada that rely on 4Site to provide timely property development services. With so many employees and contractors, 4Site was finding it difficult to manage the amount of timesheets being submitted, which needed to be manually entered by staff at head office. They approached Olio about the need to simplify the timekeeping process, use the head office staff’s time on higher value tasks, and reduce errors in client billing.

The Solution

Olio produced a custom web application that allowed employees and contractors in the field to submit daily timesheets from any web browser they had access to, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone device. The head office staff review the timesheets for discrepancies, and can easily translate that data into invoices. 4Site is also using the time entries for payroll, streamlining another process that was hindered by a reliance on paper.

User Experience, User Interface Design, Frontend Development, Mobile Responsive, Backend Development
4 Site Retail Custom Time Tracking System
4 Site Retail Custom Time Tracking System
4 Site Retail Custom Time Tracking System
4 Site Retail Custom Time Tracking System

How We Got There

The Olio team worked closely with 4Site to understand their current processes for timesheet submission, billing, and payroll, and made recommendations on how to digitize them. We came to know that the web application had to be simple to use, but powerful for administrators that needed to get access to the underlying data.

4Site told us that they had already explored many commercial, off-the-shelf systems, and they were either too expensive to use over a significant period of time, or didn’t allow enough cross-platform capabilities that every user would have easy access to it. However, opting for a custom solution allowed them to have us build it exactly to their specifications, and update it when needed.

4 Site Web App showcase

We drew a set of wireframes for the timesheet entry process, and another set for the administrator interface. After a few rounds of suggested changes, and requests for additional reporting capabilities, we had a set of approved, low-fidelity drawings that were inexpensive to produce, but put everyone on the same page on what would be built and how it would look.

The design and development team set to work, slicing the drawings into interfaces and writing the code to make it all work. Two weeks later, we were in beta and the 4Site team was able to begin testing.

Beta testing was completed quickly, with only a few small changes being requested. We also helped 4Site purchase a domain, and host the web application on our own infrastructure for them, providing a complete solution from beginning to end.

Olio continues to support 4Site’s custom timesheet and reporting application, providing support, hosting, and functional upgrades when asked.

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