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The Need

Bukl is a new venture aimed at bringing back vibes of trust, integrity, and convenience to finding auto repair services. As its core offering, Bukl needed a web front that would allow users to submit a job to be done on their car, get instant quotes from neighbourhood shops, and be able to book and pay for service ahead of time. The system needed to be able to house database and management tools for both users and vendors (shops), provide messaging + e-commerce capabilities between both, and all in a future-friendly web interface that was mobile responsive.

Frontend Development, Mobile Responsive, Backend Development
Project Link:
Bukl Mobile App Showcase

How We Got There

Olio worked closely with the Bukl team both on-site and remotely to develop complex user flows, wireframes, mocking up each view and process, and a final design. The resulting application was a Laravel-powered custom solution married to a wordpress front-end and a 3rd party car part database. Custom logic was written to merge the parts required for each job and costing/labour rates established by vendors to deliver a
search > lead > job > payment workflow.

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