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College Pro Mobile App

The Need

College Pro is a leading franchise company, giving new entrepreneurs a head start on running a seasonal company, and getting a taste for the business world. Over the past decade, College Pro has had a custom web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution built and maintained for them, which has allowed them to grow the business across Canada and the USA; however, the solution didn’t allow franchisees to be mobile. Today’s generation of business leaders are very familiar with mobile devices and platforms, and College Pro needed to get ahead of the competition by introducing a mobile app in order to modernize the workflow.

2015 - present
User Experience, User Interface Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Ongoing App Development
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The Solution

Olio worked very closely with College Pro to identify the most critical features to a mobile app first, prior to the 2016 window cleaning season. This allowed us to begin building the mobile app in an iterative manner, showing progress while also giving franchisees the necessary tools to let them work more efficiently in the field. Olio identified the most common franchisee workflows, and then designed a mobile app to work with the existing database used by the web-based solution. The resulting v1.0 app was used during the 2016 season, with additional updates made available throughout the season providing additional functionality. Olio continues to work on new versions of the app, which features a custom design, a completely new code base using React Native, and built for both iOS and Android platforms.

How We Got There

Olio worked with College Pro’s team to identify what the existing CRM solution did well, what needed to be changed, and review what College Pro’s franchisees had said about the system in prior years. Overall, College Pro recognized the need to continue pushing modern interfaces to franchisees to maintain their market leader position. Introducing a mobile CRM app was part of the modernization effort.

The Olio team began designing an entirely custom mobile app from the ground up, along with a modern REST API used to communicate with the existing database. Olio and College Pro devised a plan to begin developing the app in phases, progressively introducing new features as time went on. This was taken into consideration when designing the app, ensuring it was flexible enough to accommodate more features in future versions.

College Pro Mobile App screens

Olio’s app, for Android and iOS, has made it possible for College Pro franchisees to collect information on the fly, quickly produce quotes with the need for manual calculations, and instantly email the quote to the prospective customer. Franchisees now have the ability to view current and past season data overlaid on maps, issue challenges in order to push each other to knock on more doors and book more jobs, and even chat with each other in-app. We have made it possible for the franchisees to run their business and team completely from a mobile app. It is also helping College Pro change their business by letting them engage with franchisees via in-app messaging, foster competitiveness by issuing challenges, and provide easy access to historical data.

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