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Refuel Mobile App

The Need

Why stop for gas? Refuel mobile is a new platform for ordering fuel for your car from the convenience of your phone. By using Refuel Mobile, your gas tank can be filled up while you go about your work day. To do that, Refuel needed an application that worked for both customer and driver in a new workflow. The customer application would be designed to allow customers to submit and manage their orders, provide the exact location of their vehicle, and track multiple vehicles. For delivery drivers, a driver app would handle order management, engage control systems on the fuel truck, track litres purchased, and close out completed orders.

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User Experience, User Interface Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development,
Ongoing App Development
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The Solution

Refuel partnered with Olio and a custom truck vendor to create an application for both the customer and delivery driver across Android and iOS. Olio established a central web-based order database and application programming interface (API) for communication between devices. We also designed an order-flow process and worked closely with a custom truck vendor to establish protocols for turning truck pumps on/off and tracking litres purchased to a specific order.

How We Got There

Determining just how a driver app would take orders from the internet while still be able to control a secure fuel dispensing system required close cooperation between Olio’s developers and fuelling system builders. Beta testing involved on-site visits to the truck workshop where Olio and truck developers worked to simulate orders against real hardware. GPS tracking in downtown locations and consistent location tracking for drivers proved challenging on multiple platforms for extended periods. Olio worked in-field to test GPS resiliency and find the best approach.

Olio’s app for Android and iOS has made it possible for Refuel to collect orders from customers across the region and to manage the process the whole way through. Customers have the ability to order fuel regularly and have it delivered directly to their vehicle and drivers can manage orders, routing, and truck controls all from a single interface.

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